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The VT1-Bass-Compressor uses a single 12AX7 (ECC83) valve and two optical LED/LDR circuits to generate classic pure valve tone compression. The foot switch provides a true by-pass and the LED indicates if the effect is on or off. The blue back-light doubles up as a power on indicator.


The controls are Level, i/p Pad, Compress, Decay, Boost Level, Boost Switch and Hard/Soft Compression mode switch.

Level sets the output level of the effect to your amplifier which is best set to unity gain.

I/P level or Pad sets the signal level into the pedal which is very useful when working with high output instruments such as active basses or other line level effects.

The By-pass foot-switch provides true by-pass of the effect.

Compress sets the amount of compression. The Blue led will indicate the level of compression and decay set. Decay sets the compression decay.


Boost sets the level of the boost circuit when the boost switch is engaged. The boost maybe required when hard compression is used to get unity gain.

The Hard/Soft switch selects hard or soft compression. Soft compression is very a vintage type compression and hard provides a more modern compression which will also act as a limiter at higher settings.


So, just plug your guitar into the jack with the guitar drawing and your amplifier into the jack with the amp drawing and you are off and running!

The pedal is covered for any parts and labour required to repair it should it go wrong within 12mths of purchase. This does not cover misuse of the product but we will be happy to repair this at cost as we will for any units which fail outside of the 12mths.

The VT1-Bass-Compressor is fitted with 2.1mm external PSU adaptor for use with a 9-12v @ 300mA external supply. The pedal will run at 9V to 12V, there is some loss in output level if less than 12V is used. A 12VDC @1200mA power supply is provided free if the pedal is ordered from this web site.


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